PinkDirt = quality & reliability


Our mission is simple. To provide the people and businesses of Auckland with top quality, safe and reliable excavation services.

To do this, we bring together our expertise in all facets of earthmoving and foundations and work closely with engineers and architects when required.

PinkDirt = professionalism & teamwork


We love our work and want our clients to be happy, so we approach every project with passion and professionalism.

We value a quality product, great customer service, good business relationships and a safe working environment. And we’re a Government licensed building practitioner.

PinkDirt = friendly & efficient




Jerry is a qualified and well-respected local builder, and the proud owner of PinkDirt.

He’s been working in building construction for over 24 years and knows the industry inside out. This experience makes him the ideal person to deliver the exacting requirements of excavation work.

Jerry is an outgoing person who loves to get to know his clients. He personally oversees all our projects so you’ll not only meet him but also work with him over the course of your job.


Office Administrator

PinkDirt is always busy but Anna’s efficiency keeps us organised and on track.

With over 15 years office administration and client service experience under her belt, Anna provides invaluable support to Jerry and the team.

You’ll find her a friendly and creative person who expertly manages PinkDirt’s daily operations to ensure everyone’s happy. No question is too hard for Anna!