This foundation contract in Castor Bay was a very heavily engineered concrete pile and ground beam structure on poor ground with tough access.

From the start we knew it was going to be a challenging project, so planning and good communication with our client was key.


After bulk cutting the site we had to lower the public sewer line while commencing our pile drilling at the bottom of the site.


Due to the close proximity of the neighbouring house on the high side of the site we had to install temporary retaining using 6m long 250mm SED poles drilled and concreted all the way in the ground. This meant that we could now make a 3m cut against the boundary, not have any collapses and keep our staff safe.


After this was achieved it was plain sailing completing the block retaining wall and backfilling as required.


On the final leg we had to prep and pour the floor slabs shown in the final photos.


This project was challenging, but with the right planning, a good team of Pink Dirt workers, good sub contractors and a client that was kept in the loop, everything went to plan and the result was great!

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