Pink Dirt Ltd were engaged by one of Auckland's premiere construction companies to complete the earthworks for the Alba Apartments in Takapuna.

Any vertical construction project brings with it a set of unique challenges. In this case we negotiated  a very tight site with the cuts extending boundary wide all the while undertaking positive engagement with the neighbouring property owners and tenants.


Arriving on site, detailed digging of ground beams commenced and spoil was carted off-site. With such a restricted site there was no room to stockpile any spoil.


After the main contractor had completed the ground beams we started bulk excavation of 1600m3. Planning was crucial in this situation as we were on a main road in Takapuna that required traffic management and did not permit parking for our waiting trucks. We programmed a routine that allowed us to run 6 trucks continuously without wait times. This was important to enable us to complete the contract in an efficient manner due to the lack of space to stockpile spoil.

With three car stackers in the basement of this building the excavation cut was 6 metres deep. This created an issue removing the last machine from the pit. The solution was to lift out a 5 ton digger using an 80 Ton crane!


Upon completion of all concrete foundation works by the main contractor we began to backfill around all of the foundations. We used approx 200m3 of Recycled aggregate and utilised the tower crane to load aggregate in bins around the site.

Lastly, we dug out and prepared all footpaths and driveways bringing our contract to an end on time.


This job was made easy largely due to good foresight and planning by the main contractor's site manager as well as all of our staff working cohesively.

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