This job on Auckland's North Shore was a challenge. With a steep site, heavy engineering and tight access to contend with, excellent planning was essential to achieve a successful outcome.

We have compiled stage photos of this job so you can see how your project could be completed should you encounter a tough site!


After surveying the site we temporarily retaining the driveway with timber soldier piles drilled in 4.8m, we then made the main cut and carted away all the spoil.


Main retaining wall was then drilled and poles placed, wall built and backfilled with Scoria.


Footings were now dug and concrete works started so that we could complete the slab.


After the floor slab we moved up the hill now cutting the swimming pool platform before building the retaining walls on the upper level. We had a council storm water line we had to work around. After getting pipe location done we drilled and completed the upper wall.


After backfilling the upper walls we had to dig the swimming pool and cart away spoil, we had to track the 5 ton digger over the top retaining wall before completing the pool dig with the 2 ton digger before craning it off site.


This contract was delivered on time, on budget and most of all was delivered safely.

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